Friday, January 14, 2011

Need your baby's nursery to be warmer, quieter, or darker? Lightcatcher Curtains do it adorably!

I was offered a chance to do a review on some cool curtains recently.  These curtains are designed to keep light and sound out of your sleepy baby's room. Lightcatcher curtains feature Insuldark™ technology that controls light, thermal temperature and sound all through careful fabric construction and triple-layer protection.   They are also wider than standard panels for an aesthetically pleasing look (whether hung higher or wider than the window) on top of offering full coverage for your nursery window.

My friend Cindy Schroeder kindly offered to do the review.  She has little ones and a drafty room.  Cindy chose the sweet Blue Sailboats  Lightcatcher curtains from the BuyBuyBaby website which fit in perfectly with the nursery decor.  It couldn't have been an easy decision, -- they have pages of cute designs and colours to choose from - like the sailboats above and these sweet pink ducky ones!

Here is what Cindy has to say about them:
When it's cold outside and every room in the house is freezing too, I feel the need to check in on the kids almost every minute of the night. But with Lightcatcher for kids I don't feel the need to check on them at all. These curtains keep the cold out and the warm in. Not only is the room now warm it also keeps the light out, which is usually a problem for a room that faces the sun. Lightcatcher for kids has made my life easier because it helps my kids sleep better.
thanks Cindy!  

visit BuyBuyBaby to find out more about Lightcatchers!

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