Monday, May 2, 2011

Aerosoles: shoes that can get a busy mom through her day - oh so comfortably!

Aerosoles invited My City Mommy Network to their Spring Challenge.  We all got to pick out a pair of shoes from their Spring Line, try them out, and let you know what we thought of them.

a little break

First, let me preface by saying, I am a HUGE fan of bare feet.  When I can't be barefoot, I want to be comfortable. Really comfortable.   I chose a super cute wedge,  At First Plush.   Not only does this shoe look fantastic, it is comfy and fun!

I have four boys, and like all moms, I wear more than a few "hats".  I have lots of errands and to-do's on my list daily.  I put my Aerosoles shoes to the comfort test last week.   In my photo I am taking a little afternoon break from my morning of running around.  The shoes took me to the Apple Store at Perimeter Mall to have a phone fixed, dropped off items at Good Will, a lunch meeting in Dunwoody,  picked up kids from bus stop, and ran 2 kids to doctor appointments for their camp physicals.  Once home, the shoes stayed on while I ran up and down stairs for laundry loads, a sink full of dishes, and chopping and prepping veggies for dinner.  In the picture I am finally sitting down to relax and have a cup of coffee to get me ready for the next wave of mom stuff and me stuff.  The shoes are so incredibly cushy and comfy, taking them off to relax wasn't even a thought.  Usually when I am in heels, they are the first things to come off when I walk in the door. Not these shoes!  I kept them on and kept on going!  How refreshing a comfortable pair of shoes can be.  And when they are as adorable as the At First Plush wedge is . . . YAY! The shoes continued their day with making dinner for the family, another sink full of dishes, and then the grand finale, coffee and crepes at Cafe Intermezzo with my sister at midnight.  Just another "day in the life", and when life says, wear shoes, Aerosoles gets you through it comfortably! 

Want to win a summer wardrobe of Aerosoles shoes? Here's the deal, go visit Aerosoles Facebook Page, like them, and check out all of us City Mommies in our Aerosoles shoes, and vote for the one you like the best. (If its me - super cool :-D.   The City Mommy with the most votes and one Lucky Reader/Voter will win $200 to Aerosoles for a new summer wardrobe!  Happy Mother's Day!!

Winners will be announced in the afternoon of May 9th!   Good Luck, and thanks for voting :-)

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