Sunday, January 30, 2011

when parents text

If you have a teen and you text them, you may be famous! My son Ryan texted me about a blog called When Parents Text saying it was hilarious and I had to check it out.

I have to concur.  It is hilarious.  And no, no names are ever mentioned.  Just the hysterical text conversations between parents and their teens.  When Parents Text is a blog dedicated to the trials and errors that come when a parent handles a cellphone.  Trials and errors and hilarity our teens are happy to share!

Here are just a couple of examples of the "bring you to tears laughter" texts shared:  
Mom: We r at IKEA. Wings or balls?

Me:   Hey I’m at Kate’s house, can you pick me up at 11?
Dad:  11…..!!!!???!!!
Dad:  Sure, 11 is fine.

Mom:  Stop at dollar store on way home and get lunch maggots.
Me:     Lunch maggots?
Mom:  Baffles.
Mom:  Baggies.
Mom:  Ziplock lunch Baggies. 
Mom:  Spell check is not helping me.
Mom:  This is dad by the way.

Me:    I did really well on my math test.
Dad:  That’s shit.
Me:   ????
Dad:  The Shit? I can never remember which one is good and which is bad.

Mom:  What did you do with your sisters contacts, she can’t find them 
Me:     I didn’t touch her contacts, maybe she deleted them
Mom:  From her eyes?
 A fun read - check it out!  Have a great week! 

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Kmart Weekly Ad and Coupon Match-ups for 01/30 - 02/05

If you are new to couponing you may want to read Couponing 101 first. For all Kmart circulars, visit here. Here are some good deals and coupon match-ups for the 01/29 to 02/05 Circular.  All prices are good through 02/05 unless otherwise noted.


Lay’s XXL chips 10.5-12 oz, 
Oscar Mayer classic wieners 16 oz. 
or Hormel chili with beans 15 oz.  B1G1 FREE

Garnier shampoo, conditioner or stylers;
haircolor or skincare, B1G1 50% off

$3.00/1 Herbashine SS 1/9/2011  
$1.00/1 Cleanser or Moisturizer RP 1/9/2011  
$1.00/1 Style Product
$1.00/1 Hair Products
$2.00/1 Moisturizer or Cleanser RP 12/5/2010  
$2.00/1 Hair Color RP 12/5/2010  
$1.00/1 Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Redplum
$1.00/1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
$1.00/1 Cleanser or Moisturizer RP 11/7/2010  

Misc. Deals with Coupon Match-ups:

All Jergens 7.5-oz. liquid hand soap, 10/$10.00
(good thru 02/07) 
$1.00/1 (SS 01/16/11)

Kraft barbecue sauce 18 oz., Hunt’s ketchup 24 oz., 
Old El Paso taco shells 8–12 ct., Rosarita refried beans 16 oz., 
Rotel tomatoes 10 oz., VanCamps baked beans 28 oz. 
or Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix 10 ct, 10/$10.00
$0.60/2 Old El Paso Products
$0.50/3 Rosarita Beans SS 1/23/2011
$0.30/1 Rotel Diced Tomatoes SS 1/23/2011  
$0.50/2 Swiss Miss All You Jan 2011
Drive for $5 Buy four (4) bags of 
Hershey’s milk chocolate drops, Reese’s minis or 
Pieces 8–10.5-oz. candy at Kmart and receive $5 coupon
If organizing your pantry is on your list of things to do,  
here a some tips and coupons for you 
before you head out to the store.  

Mars Valentine M and Ms, 2/$5.00 
$1.00/2 RP 1/30/2011


Cheez-It 11.5–14 oz., Town House or 
Club crackers 16 oz., 2/$5.00

$1.00/2 RP 1/30/2011 

Planters nuts 9–16 oz., 2/$7.00
$1.00/1 NUTrition SS 1/2/2011
Slim•Fast 3-2-1 shakes, 6-pack, 2/$10.00
B2G1 RP 1/2/2011 


Downy 48–60-load liquid or 120-ct. sheets, 
Bounce 120-ct. sheets or 2- month dryer bar or 
Febreze fabric refresher 18.5–27 oz, 2/$10.00
$0.50/1 Downy Liquid or Sheets PG 1/30/2011
$1.00/1 Downy Wrinkle Release All You Feb 2011
$0.50/1 Bounce Dryer Bar PG 1/30/2011
$1.00/1 Bounce Dryer Bar PG 1/30/2011
$0.25/1 Bounce Dryer Sheets PG 1/30/2011
$0.75/1 Bounce Dryer Sheets PG 1/30/2011
B1G1 Febreze PG 1/16/2011
Hefty or Glad 13–39 gal, $6.99
$0.55/1 Hefty RP 1/2/2011 
Purex 150-oz. liquid or 38-ct. 3-in-1 sheets, $7.99
$1.00/1 Purex Complete Crystals

Bounty 8 giant or Basic 15 rolls, $9.99
$0.25/1 Bounty PG 1/30/2011 
$0.50/1 Bounty Upromise eCoupons
Tide 150-oz. liquid or 90-120-load powder, $17.99
$0.35/1 PG 1/30/2011
$1.00/1 Stain Release PG 1/30/2011

Pantene Pro-V Classic Care Solutions 
Shampoo & Conditioner, 2 in 1, 
All Hair Types, 25.4 fl oz, $5.50

$1.00/2 PG 1/30/2011 
$1.00/2 SS 1/23/2011

Nutrisse Hair Color, $6.99 
$2.00/1 RP 12/5/2010 

Softsoap Elements pumps 7.5 oz, $0.99
Limit 5. Purchases of more than 5 are $1.29 each
$1.00/2 SS 1/30/2011

Lubriderm 16-oz. lotion, $7.49
(good thru 02/07)
$1.50/1 SS 1/9/2011

Ricola 19–30-ct. cough drops, $1.67
(good thru 02/07)
$1.00/2 Ricola (SS 01/16/11) 

Act 18-oz. mouthwash or rinse, $3.97
(good thru 02/07)
$1.00/1 (SS 01/02/11) 

Playtex 18-ct. Gentle Glide or Sport tampons, $3.99
(good thru 02/07)
$2.00/1 (SS 01/02/11) 
$2.00/1 (SS 01/02/11) 

Alka-Seltzer 20-ct. Alka-Seltzer Plus, 
10-ct. Crystal packs or .5-oz. Neo Synephrine spray, $5.49
(good thru 02/07)
$2.00/1 Alka-Seltzer (SS 01/02/11)
$1.00/1 Neo-Synephrine (SS 01/02/11) 

Selected DayQuil or NyQuil, $5.49
(good thru 02/07) 
$1.00/1 Dayquil (PG 01/16/11) 

Triaminic 4-oz., 8-oz. combo pack, 14–16-ct. strips 
or Theraflu 8.3-oz. or 6-ct. packets, $5.49
(good thru 02/07)  
$2.00/1 Triaminic
$3.00/2 Triaminic Fever Reducer (SS 12/12/10)
$2.00/1 Triaminic (SS 12/12/10) 
$2.00/1 Theraflu Cool Savings
$1.50/1 Theraflu (SS 12/05/10)

Selected Blink solution, $5.99
(good thru 02/07)  
$1.001 (SS 01/02/11 #2) 
$1.00/1 Blink Eye Drops (SS 01/02/11 #2)

Pepto-Bismol 16-oz. original or cherry, 
12-oz. max or 40-ct. caplet, $6.49
(good thru 02/07)   

Selected 10-ct. Airborne, $6.49
(good thru 02/07)   
$1.00/1 (SS 01/09/11)
$1.50/1 ALL YOU Printable
$1.50/1 Cool Savings

Azo Pictured items only, $7.46
(good thru 02/07) 
$1.00/1 AZO Product printable

Zantac 24–30 ct, $8.49
(good thru 02/07) 
$2.00/1 (SS 01/16/11)   
$2.00/1 printable

Zicam cold remedy, $11.99
(good thru 02/07) 
$2.00/1 (Parade, 01/02/11)
$2.00/1 Cold Remedy Plus (SS 10/24/10)
$1.00/1 Cold Remedy (SS 10/24/10)
$2.00/1 (ALL YOU June '10)
$2.00/1 (ALL YOU May '10)
$2.00/1 (SS 04/11/10)

Dulcolax 100-ct. stimulant or 
Balance stool softener 17.9-oz., $18.49
(good thru 02/07) 
$1.00/1 Dulcolax (SS 01/16/11) 
$3.00/2 Dulcolax (SS 01/16/11)
$2.00/1 Dulcolax printable
$3.00/1 Balance printable

Ban Solid or gel antiperspirant-deodorant 2/$4.00
(good thru 02/07)
$0.75/1 Ban printable

Suave 18-oz. lotion, $2.50
(good thru 02/07)
$0.75/2 Naturals printable
$1.00/1 Naturals printable

Bic disposable razors, $4.00
(good thru 02/07)
B1G1 exp. 2-6-11 (SS 01/09/11)

Assorted Bioré items, 2/$10.00
(good thru 02/07) 

$1.00/1 Biore Product printable$2.00/1 Biore Product printable

John Frieda Root Awakenings, Luxurious Volume, 
Sheer Blonde or Brilliant Brunette haircare, $5.00
(good thru 02/07)  

$1.00/1 (SS 12/05/10)
$3.00/2 Volumizing printable
$2.50/1 printable
$3.00/2 Volume printable
$2.00/1 printable

All Neutrogena haircare and skincare, $5.79
(good thru 02/07) 
Lots of Neutrogena printables

All Aveeno haircare, skincare or body wash, $6.74
(good thru 02/07)  
$1.50/1 Hair (SS 01/09/11 #2)
$1.00/1 Body or Baby  (SS 01/09/11 #2)
Lots of Aveeno Printables 

A+D ointment, $4.23
(good thru 02/07)
$1.00/2 printable

PediaSure 6-pack, 8-oz. bottle, $11.49
(good thru 02/07)
$2.00/1 (SS 12/05/10) 
$5.00/2 (SS 11/07/10)
$1.50/1 Multipack printable

Enfagrow Premium Unflavored, 
vanilla or soy toddler 24–28.8-oz. formula, $17.99
(good thru 02/07)
$5.00/1 printable

Luvs, $18.99
(good thru 02/07)
$1.00/1 Luvs (PG Everyday Savings Book)
$1.00/1 Luvs Diapers printable

Natural Care Baby Wipes, 64 wipes, $2.99

$0.50/1 SS 1/23/2011 
$1.00/1 Wipes Tub AND Refill Cool Savings
$1.00/2 Wipes Tub AND Refill 

To find more coupons click on the links below:

Cool Savings
All You
Coupon Clippers

To learn more about the great savings you can earn from Upromise, click here.

If you don't see your store listed on my blog, please check out Becentsable's Grocery Gathering for an extensive list of grocery stores and blogs that cover the best deals!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

a yummy Edible Arrangement deal!

We've got another great special this Saturday and Sunday ONLY, Edible Arrangements will add an extra 8 pieces to a $50 or more arragement for FREE ($12 Value).

Don't want to spend $50? For arrangements under $50, add ...that same dipped fruit for HALF PRICE, only $6. ($6 value)

This offer is only available on orders placed IN STORES and only Jan. 29-30, 2011 so hurry into your nearest store to take advantage of this great offer!

Find a store near you here.

thanks my vegas mommy!

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big savings for heart burn!

Heart burning?
Here is some relief for your wallet and your burning heart!   
This Sunday (1/30) there will be a $8 coupon for a 42-ct box 
or $3 coupon for any box of Zegerid OTC
There are also a couple printables out:

Prilosec OTC
$3.00/1 (PG 1/30/2011)
$8.00/2  (PG 1/30/2011)

You can find 28ct Prilosec on sale at RiteAid, $18.99
Stack with PG 12/26 Save $3.00/1 or PG 1/9 Save $1.00/1
+UP Reward $4.00
Final Price as low as $11.99

Kmart has Zantac 24–30 ct for $8.49
(good thru 02/07) 
$2.00/1 (SS 01/16/11)   
$2.00/1 printable
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My City Mommy 16 BG iPad Giveaway

Tanga has some hot deals this weekend and is extending them through next weekend!

-Budget Travel:  One Year Subscription for $3.99 (Retail $23.70)

-Disney's Family Fun:  One Year Subscription for $3.99 (Retail $25.91)

-ESPN:  One Year Subscription for $4.99 (Retail $98.75)

Now to make this even more exciting, Tanga is offering one reader from across our My City Mommy sites a 16G iPad!

To enter "like" Tanga on Facebook!  Then leave a comment below with what entries you've done!  Giveaway ends on 2/4 at 5PM CST. Giveaway open to US Residents only.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Get up to $100 back each weekend from IHG to cover those nasty checked bag fees!

My friend Monica over at IHG just sent some really great news for families traveling over the weekends anywhere in the world! When you stay with IHG hotels you can get up to $100 back each weekend for checked baggage fees! 

I have to agree with Monica, that this is nice little relief for those who rarely travel with just one bag.  With this offer you don't have to stress about those checked bag fees!   

Book Early & Save up to 20% Off IHG hotels!

Some other great offers from IHG:

Kids Stay and Eat Free! Bring the whole family to Holiday Inn!
Get government and per diem rates at Holiday Inn Express hotels. 

Book Early and save up to 20% off!

Be sure to check out other great weekend savings here!  Have a fun weekend!

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Our Weekend Deals featured on Good Morning America!


and Free Shipping

How about $30 worth of shoes for just $10?

Eversave is a daily deal website for women featuring online and local deals nationwide, at 50-90% off! You can sign up for free at . New members receive an instant $2 credit in their account!

Eversave has a fantastic deal (1/28) with $15 for $30 worth of shoes and boots for every occasion. (Shoebuy is the largest retailer on the Internet, plus the offer FREE Shipping and Returns!)

Plus, Eversave is offering a special promotional code “TGIF” for this offer. Everyone gets an additional $3 off of this daily deal, and off any deal site wide on Friday when they enter the code TGIF at checkout. With the $2 new member credit and $3 promotional code, customers can receive $30 worth of shoes for just $10!

Here’s more information about

Eversave negotiates the very best deals for you on all the things you love. From spas and restaurants to lift tickets and yoga classes – Eversave then delivers these local discounts directly to your inbox, in the form of a Save.

In addition to our daily local deals, we also offer spectacular Saves from online merchants which allows our customers nationwide to get in on the fun!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Eversave to start receiving daily e-mails with details of the Saves happening in your neighborhood.

And don’t forget to spread the word. Eversave makes it easy and rewarding to share Saves with family and friends. Whether you tell them about a deal you love via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, when someone you’ve referred to the site makes his or her first purchase, we’ll add $12 in Save Rewards to your account.
Blue Weekend Deals- 40% off Sterling Silver beaded bracelet (was $55) and 40% off pearl earrings! Great Valentine's Day gifts!  Use code MYCITYMOMMY

Housewares Deals
Friday 1/28
Kamenstein Acacia Wood 16 Jar Rotating Spice with Free Spices for 5 years
MSRP $58.00 Today only $19.00 Save 67%

Saturday 1/29
Farberware Forged Triple Rivet 15pc Knife Block Set with Farberware Professional 11pc Gadget including Stainless Steel Measuring Cups & Spoons, Slotted Turner, Basting Spoon, Slotted Spoon, 11” Tongs, and Can opener.
MSRP $115.00 Sale $45.00 Save 60%, this is HOT value for the pieces being offered.

Sunday 1/30
International Silver Satin Danford pattern 106pc Stainless Steel Flatware Service for 16 with Double Serving Pieces
MSRP $150.00 Sale $59.00 Save 60%

*** Flat Rate shipping $4.95 up to $75.00; $9.95 up to $150.00; $14.95 up to $500.00 and $29.95 for orders above $500.00

Friday 1/28
Mikasa Silverplate Frames Your Choice Sale $14.99 3 styles and sizes to choose from. MSRP $53.00 Sale $14.99 Save 71%

Saturday 1/29
Service for 12 Gourmet Basics by Mikasa Black Bamboo pattern Dinnerware pattern with Wallace Arlington pattern 104 pc Flatware set service for 12 with Steak Knives and Serving pieces.
MSRP $550.00 Sale $189.99 Save 67%

Sunday 1/30
Set of 12 Romantic Bloom Votives. One of our most popular votives by Celebrations by Mikasa. Often used at Weddings for table decorations and makes a great favor. A perfect Dozen for Valentines Day.
MSRP $192.00 Sale $49.99 Save 74%


O.K. all you gamers, or even "think I wanna be gamers"! Big Fish Games is offering a HOT deal! $9 (or 90%)off an online game you will own on your PC or Mac, and pay zero in shipping!

Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace

· It retails for: $9.99
· Sale price: $0.99
· Use Coupon code: buck
· Available for PC and Mac

· Valid for all customers; new and existing
· There’s a free 60-minute trial
· It’s fun for the whole family and there’s an educational component!

To check it out you can go here, or you can do a online trial for 60 minutes free!

To download:
PC- Go here
Mac- Go here

Hurry and print this coupon for a FREE Child Admission with adult purchase to LegoLand Discovery Center in Chicago or Dallas/Fort Worth

AMC Theaters:
Here is a coupon good for a free Large Coke with Large Popcorn Purchase
For new customers, Blockbuster Online is offering One Month of it's Blockbuster by Mail FREE. Head to Blockbuster Online and click the"Have A Promotional Code" and enter erewards1mspecial (you'll find this right above the benefits of all plans:)! This applies to Three Discs and DVD, Blu-ray and Games!

*Keep in mind this plan will continue at $34.99 per month after your 4 week trial expires. You must cancel it before the trial is over or you'll be billed for a month's membership.

Sign up for a FREE month trial of Netflix! You can stream movies through your Wii, Xbox, PS3, or even Apple TV. That's instant access to tons of movies! We have our netflix hooked up to our Wii and love it. 

Coastal Contacts is giving away 10,000 Free Pairs of glasses across the USA on Friday, January 28th. They are introducing people to ordering glasses online for the first time at no cost and risk free because they believe in what they're doing; offering a smarter way to buy glasses! I received my pair and I do love them!

Notes on how to get your free glasses:

1. To get your free glasses code simply click on the “Like” button on Facebook Page and then click on the “Get the Code” button to reveal the coupon code.

2. Go to website and pick your favourite pair of glasses. We recommend picking out 3-5 frames ahead of time so that you have your order all ready to go on Wednesday.

3. On January 28, starting at 9am PST, place your order and enter the coupon code at the checkout to get your free glasses!

Do you love Bath and Body Works? 
If so, right now you can get a

If you would rather shop online then use the coupon code:  
ANTIBAC10 to get the freebie.

Tell your friends to leave YOUR name in the comments section on Petrols Facebook wall. Anyone with 20 or more mentions by January 31st wins a pair of Petrols (minimum of 20 mentions to qualify; one mention per person). Make sure and submit the comment on the Win a Pair tab!

Right now for Valentines Day, Vistaprint is offering free:

-Tote Bags
-T- Shirts

Shipping ranges between $4 – $6 on these offers! 
But you can’t beat getting a personalized gift Free!!

Try For Free - 4 Special Offers 
Here are some new Freebies from Ritzpix!
-20 Free 4×6 Prints = use the coupon code: TRY38U92
-4 Free 5×7 Prints = use the coupon code: TRY54K21
-2 8×10 Prints = TRY63B78
-1 Free 5×7 Folding Card = TRY41Q3F
Check out Shutterfly because right now you can get a free 5×7 greeting card or 5×7 stationery card when you use promo code CARD4U at checkout. You will have to pay $0.99 in s/h but this is a great way to make a personalized Valentines Day card for less then you can get in the store! Offer ends February 1st.
PLUS new members get 50 FREE 4×6 prints when they join!


Right now is offering 80% off of $25 Gift Certificates when you use code MEAL This means you pay $2! You can also receive 80% off every order in the Dinner of the Month Club when you use code MEAL!

Log into, enter into the search engine and you will find (30% Cash Back). Enter the code SPOON and receive not only $25.00 Gift Certificates for $2.00 but 30% Cash Back on that purchase! Remember you also receive $5.00 for joining Mr Rebates!

Pei Wei is ringing in the Lunar New Year by offering guests a free meal. From January 31 – February 6, Pei Wei guests can enjoy a complimentary Korean BBQ Beef entrée, the newest dish on the menu.

Just visit any Pei Wei location on January 26 – 28th to receive a “resolution card” and redeem it for the free dish the following week.

You can get a FREE Tea or Kids eat free 
at McAlisters this weekend! 
January 29th and 30th!
Just say "MyCityMommy" :-)

Other Restaurant Deals:

-O'Charleys Free Appetizer With Entree Purchase, exp 2/16

-Free Waffle at the Waffle House, exp 3/1

-Einstein Bros Free Bagel Thin & Shmear with Purchase, exp 2/12

-Free Kangaroo Express Coffee Coupon

-Marble Slab Creamery Free Tirimisu Sample 2/14

-Jack In The Box Free Chicken Fajita Pita With Drink Purchase exp 1/31

-Denny’s Save 20% On Your Entire Purchase

-First Watch: Buy 1 Entree Get 1 Free

-Uno Chicago Grill $10 off a $40 take out or delivery purchase, exp 2/6

Here are the freebies you will find this week at your favorite drug store! I will add more to our list because we are sure to find more!


Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara $2.24 – $2.99
-$2/1 Rimmel Cosmetics Item Target Coupon
-$2/1 Rimmel Product Facebook Coupon
-$1/1 Rimmel Item, any All You

Final Price: as low as FREE after both coupons

Rimmel Mono Eye Shadow $3.49 (Regular Price)
-$2/1 Rimmel Cosmetics Item Target coupon
-$2/1 Rimmel Product Facebook Coupon
-$1/1 Rimmel Item

Final Price: as low as FREE after both coupons

Finish Jet Dry 4.22 oz $2.59
-$1.50/1 Finish Jet Dry Dishwasher Rinse Agent Target coupon

-.40/1 Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Agent 1-9-11 SS
-.75/1 Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Agent or Turbo Dry

Final Price: as low as .34 cents each after both coupons

Finish Quantum Powerball 12 ct. $2.99
-$1.50/1 Finish Quantum Powerball Dish Detergent 12-ct. or + Target Coupon
-$1/1 Finish Quantum, any 1-23-11 SS
-$1/1 Finish Quantum, any 1-2-11 SS
-$1/1 Finish Quantum Automatic Dishwasher Detergent or HERE

Final Price .49 cents each after both coupons


Omega Smart Ultimate Super Fish Oil 30-ct $10

-$10 mail-in rebate – prints at checkout
-$2 printable HERE

Final Price: FREE plus $2 profit

RR Deal: Spend $20 on select digestive products get $5 RR

(4) Maalox 12-oz sale price @ $5.09 = $20.36
-$5 from 1/9 SS, use four
-$5 RR
Final Price: FREE with $4.64 profit!


PediaSure has a new Try it Free Rebate available for PediaSure or PediaSure Sidekicks! Go here to print yours and also check the 1/23 SmartSource insert! CVS has PediaSure on sale for $9.99. Sign up for this $3 off coupon and only pay $6.99. Then get back $9.99 giving you a $3 Money Maker!

Crest Pro-Health or Pro-Health Complete rinse 16.9 oz $3.99 (Limit 1)
Get $3.99 ECB
Final Price: FREE

Full Fast Appetite Control spray 2 oz $14.99 (Limit 1)
Get $14.99 ECB
Final Price: FREE

Valentine candy singles 2/$1
Printable coupon save $1.00/2 (if Mars is included)
Final Price: FREE

Maalox 12-oz liquid $5.99, B1G1 50% off
(1/9 SS) save $5.00 (use 2)
Final Price: two for FREE


Taco Bell Taco Seasoning – $0.50
$1/2 From the Feb. All You Mag (exp. 4-30)
Final Price, Free
Full List

Thursday, January 27, 2011

facebook forward friday :-)

Each week I will be putting together some of my fave facebook posts I shared from fb friends and put them in one place for you in a little post called facebook forward friday.  There are so many deals, offers, craft ideas, and whatnots I find on facebook, but if I don't have time to do a full post I pass these deals along on facebook.  So, if you don't follow me on facebook [tsk tsk] you are missing out!  And though I won't hold it against you, you should know some of the deals are time sensitive, sooo, you really should friend me or like me to make sure you don't miss out,  just sayin' ;-) 

Here are this weeks fav facebook forwards, 

Things to do around Atlanta:


Deals, Coupons, and ways to save:

 Lots of great weekend deals from the My City Mommy network
will by on Good Morning America this morning at 8:10 est! 

If you will be near Georga Tech from noon to 1 today, 
stop by BK for a free burger!
 Pay it Forwards:

Gifts, crafts ideas, and other Cool Stuff!

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Near GT Campus tomorrow? Want a FREE Jalapeño and Cheddar BK STUFFED STEAKHOUSE™ burger?

This looks delicious!  and free - deliciouser! 

Stop in the BURGER KING® restaurant at 1122 Northside Dr. in Atlanta (near the Georgia Tech campus) between noon and 1 p.m. tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 28) and grab yourself a FREE Jalapeño and Cheddar BK STUFFED STEAKHOUSE™ burger while supplies last.

You'll know you have the right BK for the free sandwich - just look for the crew from Star 94!

So, Have it the My Atlanta Mommy Way, and grab your BK Burger Free :-)

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dead Space 2: sufficiently creepy. and amusingly entertaining when mom plays it!

So my son Nick (17) has been after me to try out the trailer for Dead Space 2. I should preface, I don't play video games.  Sometimes I will play one of the driving games, but it is more humorous to watch me than impressive.

We kept seeing the commercial for Dead Space 2 where they promote the website Your Mom Hates This.  I was like, how frightening can this game be? Nick, having played the game and knowing how scary it really is, badgered me, taunted me, and dared me to try it out.  I have to admit I was curious, so after a couple days of saying "maybe later" off to the x-box we went.  Nick told me it was scary.  Actually what he said was it is one of the scariest games he has ever played.  (and he is quite versed in the genre of scary video games).

As I mentioned, I don't play video games, so the first few minutes were a run down of all the things the buttons do.  After going over how to choose weapons, walk, sprint (which he informed me I will definitely want to remember), shoot, stomp kick, punch, and a few other game things I should know I was ready to hit the "A" button. 

Nick:  You have to move mom, you can't just stay there.
Mom:  How do I make my guy move again?
Greg (my 10 year old):  Push this button mom. Hurry! [giggling, he pushes the walk button for me]
Nick:  Okay, first you have to go stomp kick that dead body.
Mom:  How do I stomp kick again?  wait, I did it.
Nick:  Yes, but you have to walk over to the body and stomp kick it.
Mom:  I know this.  [stomp] [super gross stuff flies everywhere]
Mom:  What do I do next?  Do I have to go in this door?
Nick:  You have to go through all the doors mom, and don't stand in the same place for very long!
Greg:  And don't stand by the vents.
Mom:  Why don't I want to stand by the vents?
Nick:  Mom, you have to go or they will get you.  Just go through the door!  [adjusts my camera angle]

I have to interject, you really do get into it and are sufficiently creeped out and afraid to go in any doors or find out what is around the corner.   But, I push on . . . me and my arsenal of weapons I have already forgotten how to use.

Mom:  What was that? [hits all of the buttons to figure out which one shoots]
Greg:  [bent over on the floor laughing]
Nick:  There is nothing there mom.  Don't use all of your ammo.  Reload and go through that door.
Mom:  I don't like the looks of this hallway.  I feel like something is going to jump out at me. What's in those tubes?  Is something going to jump out?
Nick:  [silence]
Greg:  [giggles]
Mom:  [walks guy into a wall and can't turn around]
Greg:  [on the floor laughing]
Nick:  Mom, you have to move or they will get you.
Mom:  I am trying to move, wait, was that the door I just came through?  These camera angles are making me dizzy?
Greg:  [still on the floor laughing]
Mom:  See, I made it.  [makes it through 2 more hallways without confrontation of monsters]
Greg:  oh oh, one of the tubes is empty
Mom:  omg, what is THAT! [monster thing starts puking acid on me] [hits all the buttons at once] How do I make it stop doing that? 
Greg:  [can't breathe at this point he is laughing so hard]
Mom:  [couple small screams]  Make it stop that!  Wait, am I dead? 
Nick:  yeah mom, your done.
Greg:  [big hug]  that was fun mom

Let me just say, me trying out this game, you would have thought I just bought the kid a car - it put a smile on my heart to see how excited he was - even though it was, most assuredly at my expense - but hey, sometimes a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do - and if playing Dead Space 2 to entertain and amuse my teenager for even just a few minutes,  is a beautiful thing!  And the giggles coming from my 10 year old made it even better!  Sometimes it really is the little things. 

If Dead Space 2 is on your list of games to buy, you can find it at Amazon for $54.96.  If you already have the game and are ready to trade it in, you can trade it in at Amazon and get an Amazon gift card good for $38.25.  And if you want to shock and amaze your teenager, be sitting at his x-box playing Dead Space 2 when he gets home from school.  muhahaha

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